100 m2

Area 2017

120 m2

Area 2018

150 m2

Area 2019

200 m2


75 m2



The booth was rebuilt at the Arab Health 2015 with minimal changes to fit into the new space.​ The design was according to the company function and originality. AERIA company is an interior design firm for luxurious planes and private jets. The design was meant to be semi-like-airplane interior design meanwhile capturing it’s functions and without forgetting the regularities of an island stand in the MEBA event.


The use of an engaging and appealing exhibition stand concept is beneficial in capturing the full amount of visitor interest.
Our design reflects the Aeria brand’s core message and effectively expresses the company’s slogan.
The clever exhibition stand concept promotes the brand, gets the business going, and attracts a large number of visitors.

The exhibition combines aesthetics, imagination, and accessibility for both the Company and the visitors.
The client’s passion for airplanes was reflected in the design, which included an in-plane feel.
Clever usage of smooth, curved, white lines and one-of-a-kind elements representing airplanes has been implemented in the design.
LBO Studio was responsible for the entire design process, from start to finish.


LBO Studio


Abu Dhabi, UAE

Project Year

June 28 2016 – 2020


Thomas Benett