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LBO STUDIO is a Luxury, Interior Design Company based in Dubai/London. Our key role is to create luxurious, tailored spaces for our clients with high-quality 3D renders and high-end executed Interiors. We’re committed to having competitive prices, services with stunning results!

The Golden Ratio, the derivative for our name and logo, encompasses the drive our team has for “creating aesthetic perfection”. LBO STUDIO is now recognized as a multiple award-winning Interior Design Company.

Latest Projects

We like to work across different scales. At any given point, our studio is simultaneously diving into the interior design of a project, curating the experience, and development on master-plans.


Material Specification & Consultation

Our long-term expertise in the material industry around the world. It has given us more confidence in specifying the perfect materials where it belongs. Our visionary approach allows us to consult the right material specifications and propose a wide range of newborn materials which are exclusive for LBO Studio. In addition to other local/ international materials at the disposal of your project with a better price and quality than the local market.

Interior Design / Architecture

The design-focused approach translates our clients’ ideas into experiences that work in today’s world and flexible enough for tomorrow’s. Our process delves deep to understand each client’s requirements, assess objectives, and develop a design that aligns the project for success. Our expertise involves in Residential, Retail, Corporate, Hospitality, Healthcare, Art Installations, and exhibitions.

Supply of value engineered products/materials

Our design-centered approach helps us position our value-engineered materials to fit the demands of the desired budget. We bring along matching specifications with better price and quality than the local market along with our exclusive materials which are easy to install and solve multi-design and execution issues. We work with developers, architects, contractors, interior designers, and industry disruptors to envision optimistic, profitable futures for their businesses.

High Quality 3D Visualization

Whether it’s our own projects or collaborating with Interior Designers. We define a holistic vision for all touch-points: the physical spaces and prime quality renders being translated from the digital to the physical realm, driven by rich experience and passion.

Professional Development & Shop Drawings

Whether it’s our own projects or collaborating with Interior Designers. Our process of development explores deep to understand the design of each project, assess the timing and level of details. We develop the design and architectural drawings followed by a high-level of detailed shop drawings and joinery drawings that are strongly coordinated.

Collaboration with interior designers and suppliers “our allies in the industry”

LBO Studio creates collaboration plan series aim to spark curiosity around the world of social media, inspire and motivate our allies in the industry. We seek to foster dialogue, highlight innovation across disciplines, and showcase our creative mission.

Our mindset is not problem-focused, it is solution-focused and action-oriented towards creating a preferred future.
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Know you will never get an A if we’re afraid of getting an F.​

work hard

Show up every day fully and deliver your very best work.

be nice

Approach each other with respect, optimism, transparency, and trust.

assume good

Have good intentions and assume everybody is doing their best.

say thanks

Acknowledge each other’s effort and express gratitude often.

What's up on LBO's Blog

Our blog has always focused on reinventing and reinvigorating our client’s/followers visions into groundbreaking ideas. With a focus on cracking what’s at the core of every experience, we tap into other disciplines to find the opportunities that fuel our client’s visions to make the human experience across sectors way better.