Nanotechnology is a newly discovered technology with very complex procedures.  It’s using techniques and tools being developed today to make complete, high-performance products. However, it’s a manipulation of matter on atomic and molecular scale-like membrane-crossing pores so liquids or whatever other material cannot be accessible and interact with the thing we’re experimenting with.

So if we got two gloves, one of them was coded with Nanotechnology which can be applied to almost all material, and it’s called ultra ever dry, as we dip both of the gloves into and out of the water, the first glove was wet, and the coded glove was still dry. That explains that there’s a layer of air between the surface of the glove and the applied water so it makes it impenetrable because the nanoparticles reach up and grab the air molecules and cover the surface with a layer of air to make the glove impenetrable.

Nanotechnology could be applied to clothes, make them always clean so no need to wash them or get rid of the stains.

It can be applied to anything to give us an easier life. 

This technology is spreading fast around the world and it’s reaching Dubai nowadays. There’s a conference in Abu Dabi in Rotana Hotel about this issue. I think this technology will be used very shortly in manufactures, industry, also in each home and by each person, giving it’s very useful and has lots of benefits.