Throughout the time fashion design, architectural design, interior design, etc.
We can notice that there’s a lot of common ideas between each other in appearance and form. This is supposed to be natural as they not only provide a function to cover and protect the human body but also they create space and volume out of flat.

They also have a huge difference between them, like the size and materials.
Anyhow architecture could have more monumental, while fashion and clothing could rock its time only.

Recently fashion and architecture are having more similarity than before, due to the new technology, materials, computer software.
Therefore architecture, building, and special interior design became more fluid, so more fabric is used in the designs, and vice versa the fashion designers are becoming more architectonic.

Newly days we can notice how the garment is becoming like, its inner subject is reflecting structure, it’s being engineered and not designed, and all of that relies on how the threads are going to be connected and provide the world the new fashion.

In Our opinion, fashion reflecting on architecture and interior design is so creative and out of the routine and vice versa, like architecture could reflect in fashion somehow, but in a way that people on the street could wear it, for example, architectural patterns could be on fabric and garments. In this way, we wear new fashionable clothes creatively out of the routine.