Alain de Botton is Swiss-born (20 December 1969), lived in London. His father was very rich. He studied in many universities and finally he was studying at Harvard, but he left to continue with his talent on his own. He’s a writer, philosopher, television presenter, and entrepreneur. He writes articles in multi English newspapers. He made his production Seneca to display documentaries of his work.

When he was 23 he published Essay In Love (1993), which went on to sell a million copies. its unique because it’s non-fiction, unlike the other romantic stories.

When he published how Proust Can Change Your Life (1997)he reached a global audience. It represents our daily life, like if he came and lived with us. he can understand every kind of personality that’s why everyone likes his work. His limits of philosophy and psychology are endless! This book will convince you that you have the power to change your life!

In his book “The Consolation of Philosophy”, he made philosophy and art more accessible to a wider audience. Because people tend to think that philosophy is just words that no one can understand, But in fact, de Botton shows us the wisdom of philosophy and how it can be useful in our daily life basics when we meet new people and deal with their personalities.

The Architecture of Happiness (2006) is a book that can express our unhappiness in our lives because of the furniture or the design of the house we’re living in. Because human nature always likes something new, something beautiful surrounding them. They always tend to break the routine, that’s why we feel unhappy when we’re surrounded by old stuff.

Status Anxiety (2004) is a very curious story. It exposes our inner feeling and thought that we never showed unintentionally that we’re always eager to know about other people in other countries that we never visited and how they think of us. Alain de Botton’s success is he extracts our inner mind and thoughts and displays it to us like it’s something new!

The book “The Art of Travel” is very unique because it’s a mixture of the insight of people in the past unlike other guidebooks, it dares to ask what’s the point of traveling and  whether it’s really what we want, or it’s just an illusion and we won’t break the routine.

In 2009 As de Botton was given unrestricted access to Heathrow Airport, one of the largest airports in the world. He proved to us that the life of the airport is interesting and useful unlikely to what we think that it’s non-place and it’s just a transitory place.

Now he’s appointed a fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architecture and elected fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.