LBO Studio and designer Jawaher Alkhayyal have come together for downtown editions to recreate a version of the ongoing exhibition at 1971 – Design Space.

We are the Imprints

The exhibition is an invitation to discover Physiognomy in a spatial experience where it represents the conclusion of a research by the designer Jawaher AlKhayyal, based on a book titled “Ilm Al-firasa ind Al Arab” (The Science of Physiognomy amongst Arabs) dating on information from the Medieval Islamic Period, by the renowned Arab philosopher and scholar Fakhr El Din Al
Physiognomy, translated as “Firaasa”, was recognised by Arabs as a science like other crucial sciences in the past.

LBO Studio x Jawaher Alkhayyal: Designs in the Science of Physiognomy

The material and design

This installation aims to create an interactive spatial experience encouraging visitors to discover what the designer Jawaher AlKayyal concluded in her research on Physiognomy.
It also addresses the various aspects within this science and highlight what LBO Studio has to offer from distinct materials.

The entire design of the stand that will be featured during the exhibition, has been designed and supported with LBO Studio’s unique materials.
LBO Studio’s collaboration plan series seeks to promote debate, highlight cross-disciplinary creativity, and emphasize their creative objective of working with creatives in
the region.


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