Is everything about signs and why they called them that way. People understand signs because they have known them before. However, people who don’t know the meaning of a specific sign will not recognize the meaning. It’s the study of the signs and signs process. It’s somehow extracted from languages, manners, gestures. However, semioticians focus on the communication of information between any kind of people, no matter what their language is.


The word Semiosis was extracted from the Greek language. It’s any process or deed that involves signs, Charles Sanders Peirce described a process that interprets signs as referring to their objects, as described in his theory of sign relations, or semiotics.

Roland Barthes

He was born in Cherbourg, Manche, his father died in a naval battle. Later on, he moved with his mother to Paris. Roland’s mother was deprived of financial resources from her parents, so she worked as a bookbinder. About Roland, he continued his university and doctoral studies, but it was hampered by tuberculosis, spending time in sanatoriums. He worked internationally as a teacher and chairman of semiology. He was well known in Europe and America. Many of his books were translated into many languages.

He started to write about everything from A to Z especially announcements and articles he found in Le Monde (a French daily newspaper). In his writings, he talked about various topics which he had integrated with what he had received before from low or high culture. e.g. Theory and literary critique while applying semiotics to his writings. Meanwhile, others talked about music, love, photography, and personal issues.

Monthly, Barthes was a fan of the bourgeois society. In his mythologies, he exposed some values of certain cultures and showed how they affected bourgeois society. e.g. in French society wine indicates strength and robust people. Meanwhile, the fact that it is unhealthy and has nothing to do with strength and may cause heart problem as everyone know. But this is what Barthes called “second-order signs” or “connotations”. He explained a picture of a full, dark bottle is a signifier that relates to a specific signified: a fermented, alcoholic beverage. The bourgeois relate it to a new signifies. For instance, they’re manipulating with these semiotics issues to keep on selling alcohol and not to change the situation of people’s minds and superstitious. These insights brought bathes in line with Marxist theory. In The Fashion System Barthes showed how this adulteration of signs could easily be translated into words. In this work, he explained how in the fashion world any word could be loaded with idealistic bourgeois emphasis. Thus, if popular fashion says that a ‘blouse’ is ideal for a certain situation or ensemble, this idea is immediately naturalized and accepted as truth, even though the actual sign could just as easily be interchangeable with ‘skirt’, ‘vest’ or any number of combinations. In the end, Barthes’ Mythologies became absorbed into the bourgeois culture, as he found many third parties asking him to comment on a certain cultural phenomenon, being interested in his control over his readership. This turn of events caused him to question the overall utility of demystifying culture for the masses, thinking it might be a fruitless attempt and drove him deeper in his search for individualistic meaning in art.

notice the signs

In this picture when can notice the following signs

As the science of body language indicates here to the position of her face and eyes that she’s shy and she’s asking for something, she doesn’t want to ask. As Her face is tending down denotes the shyness, and as her eyes looking up which means she has a crush or she wants to get someones attracted to her. That’s how women look when they like someone. Her clothes indicate her shyness, hence it’s conservative and way far from slutty style. She asserts that all of her body is covered, normal jeans not slim nor wide, long jacket normal jumper, in general, all of her clothes doesn’t show body details. The simplicity of her hairstyle, natural hair color, and make-up prove her innocence. The way she’s standing very naturally without bending her hips is also very gentle. In this phase, the red color indicates love, white to purity, blue jeans to simplicity since everyone wears jeans in most of the day’s activity.