London Fashion Week is just exciting! People all over the world come to attend the inspiring designs by the most famous designers and brands. over 5000 visitors attend. It’s one of the big four international catwalks and more than over 120 ready-to-wear and accessories designers each season.

The event is organized by the British Fashion Council which had incorporated the deal with the president of the National Garment Workers’ Federation to help Bangladesh labor work and compensate for what happened in Rana Plaza. Now more than 40 Brands like Benetton, Primark, Matalan had adopted the help legally for them!

On the other hand, we can’t deny that everyone enjoys London Fashion Week, because they provide us the fashion and the style of each year. Each design and each color the designers had produced designate how they feel, how the vogue is going to advance to us. Each model in the show wears these magnificent clothes that reflect a different season. some chose the summer but mostly chose the winter which domain the weather of London. Some chose all of them together.