Now Elena Munoz Drawings forms from the human body and the natural world at Givenchy, Paris, Woman Knit Design Department. Knit Prize awarded, donated by Lyle & Scott and judged by Derrick Campbell CEO and Enid Brown.

Inspired by the patterns on insect’s bodies -especially those found on beetles and the never-ending varieties found on insect’s wings. transparencies and layers, trapping thick yarns inside thin yarns and intertwining them with bulky cables to emulate the way textures of muscles, fibers and veins merge to create an organic system. At the same time, the colors clashing with fluorescent highlights unveiled the body’s inner flows. 

Cooperative Designs

Crochet and the knitted garment have done which was commissioned for “All walks beyond the catwalk”, program that promotes diversity and individuality in fashion catwalks, and published in ID magazine pre-fall 2009.

Nature (moss, water, rocks, icebergs) and Food (bread, brownies, cakes) can share similarities if you look closely: uneven surfaces, irregularities, the juxtaposition of different elements. It’s about finding ways of emulating these characteristics and translating them into knitted fabrics.